Moral standing of abortion

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You are to advance your own position about the moral standing of abortion. Exactly what thesis you argue for is up to you.

If you have a novel argument for a certain position, you may develop and spell out that argument and defend it against objections.
If you wish to support an argument by one of our authors, you may do that.
(Please use reference from the philosophical authors Margaret Little, Thomson and Marquis)

To do well, you need to:
1. Refine your thesis. That is, you must state exactly which circumstances must obtain for abortion to be morally permissible or impermissible, or what our moral duties are as a society to alleviate massive economic disparities. You must offer a rationale in support of your view.
2. In aiming to establish your thesis, you should demonstrate an understanding of various distinctions and moral positions that we have covered in class, and cite the work of relevant authors from our readings (Thomson, Marquis, Little for abortion; Rawls, Singer on economic justice).
3. You should use your knowledge of various positions to help establish your view or specify an important point against which you will have to defend your position, etc. but you should not use the paper primarily as a vehicle to wield your knowledge of these positions.
4. Show the philosophical skills of argumentation that you developed over the course of our semester: carefully discuss problems for your position, and defend against them, always making sure to take up the most serious objections.
5. Empirical facts may be quite important to your argument. Make sure to use good sources and make clear the role that the empirical facts have within your argument.
6. Make sure to draw upon at least one additional philosophical source that we have not covered in the course of the semester.

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