Social Science and Modern Business

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What is the significance of self-reinforcing processes for path-dependent sequences? Using relevant case study materials to illustrate your answer, outline the implications of such processes and the theory of Path Dependence for the conduct of social scientific research.

Initial readings:
1. David, P. A, 1986, ‘Understanding the Economics of QWERTY: The Necessity of History’, in Parker, W. N. ed, Economic History and the Modern Economist, Oxford Blackwell.

2. Schreyögg, G, Sydow, J and Holtmann, P, 2011. ‘How history matters in organisations: The case of path dependence’, Management and Organizational History, Vol 6(1): 81–100.

3. Lambert, NJ. 2014. ‘Resource Longevity and the ‘Pull’ of Existing Organizational Paths: Strategic Adjustment and Response by UK Producers to a New International Division of Labour in the Ceramic Tableware Sector’, Competition and Change, Vol 18, no2, pp 131-49.

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