Fasion and Luxury Brannds: Balenciaga

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Assessment Objective/Rationale
This task provides an opportunity to critically analyse fashion and luxury brands and explore ways in which strategic thinking, design and creativity, business skills and knowledge are integrated and intrinsic to success. Students will be able to analyse/audit the company and provide creative solutions to challenges or strategic growth opportunities.

Assessment Task:
You will need to research a luxury fashion brand (Balenciaga) and its branding strategy, looking at the evolution, identify challenges and current issues.

The report should contain the following sections:


Brand audit
Students will conduct a thorough analysis of the current brand including:

Pen portrait
Brand inventory
Brand DNA, Heritage and History
Brand elements
Brand Identity Logo
Logo Colour
Icons and Prints
Competitor analysis-POPs and PODs
Brand Personality
Brand identity
Brand architecture
Brand leverage
Brand positioning
Brand exploratory
Brand equity

Brand strategy
Students will make recommendations based on the conclusions of the brand analysis, supported by a rationale.
Students will need to develop a brand strategy including the use of the brand equity pyramid.

Brand execution
Here students will outline the brand deliverables such as the branding elements, touch points and communications.


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