Ethics In Business

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Please write an essay about employers making their female employees work while on maternity leave. This can be either making them work from home or making them return to the work place before the company policy allows them too. Please compare it to SHRM’s professional code of ethics. Please use Peter Block’s Flawless Consulting 3rd edition as a reference. Below is the goals and objectives.
Learning Goal:
Students will demonstrate professional behaviors consistent with a professional code of ethics for HROD practitioners.

Learning Objective:
Write an essay answering questions regarding their compliance with a professional code of ethics (e.g. SHRM and the OD Network).
Students will recognize ethical dilemmas that an HROD professional faces, evaluate alternative responses, select and defend a solution.

Criteria for Achieving Meets Expectations:
Student can present a well-organized, clearly written essay demonstrating how they would apply a professional code of ethics to resolving an ethical dilemma.
Student can describe an ethical dilemma faced by an HROD professional, generate and compare alternative strategies for resolving the dilemma and present a solution.

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