Domino’s Pizza Research Essay

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Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (Stock Code: DMP) has been a high performer in terms of shareholder value in recent times. Its stock price increased by approximately 130% in 2015 while a recent (Nov 2016) investment bank report suggests its current stock price (low $60s) will increase to close to $100. There are widespread expectations that Domino’s Pizza will create sizeable shareholder value in the near term.

Must Include following 3 parts:

Section1: Brief executive summary ?no more than 300 words

Why is Domino expected to create such shareholder value in the future? Identify the key issues considering factors related to the market, its ability to convert its (sales) outputs into shareholder value outcomes and issues related to efficiency/productivity.

Focus on the key issues, key factor

Key drives of shareholder value

Based on your analysis, recommend two changes to the company’s business model (consider categories from the business model canvas) that might help it improve its ability to deliver on these shareholder value expectations. Support your recommendations with reasons. Note: your recommendations should exclude any references to buying any new businesses or selling any of its existing businesses.

Improve ability on deliver value

You will need to conduct research on the company. Business press, research articles, company websites, stockmarket analyst commentary are all relevant sources. Please adhere to the business school referencing guide at

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