Ethical Dillema in Healthcare

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Who Owns the Truth?

Ethical Dilema: Doctor is withholding information from patient.
Case: A patient (female) is being hospitalized for brain cancer; however, the patient believes that she is receiving chemotherapy for an infection not brain cancer.

� The patient doesnt know about the severity of her illness because her son asked the doctor to withhold that information in fear that it would alter his mothers mental state and she would get sicker.

� The doctor does as she is asked and dont tell the patient about the illness

� The patient finds out about the brain cancer from another doctor.

I. Explain what an ethical dilemma is
II. Explain the case (above)
III. Explain how the doctor violates
-patient confidentiality
-patient autonomy
-doctrine of informed consent
-telling the truth
IIII. Explain how the doctors actions can be justified by the therapeutic privilege.
IV. Explain what Should be done to the doctor
V. Conclusion
Be sure to include ethical principles and theories.

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