Pedophobia-Fear of Children: Case Study

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Single mom Linda her whole life wanted nothing more than to be a mom. When she is finally blessed with a baby boy she names Boyd she is filled with joy. Boyd never knew his father, she works often, and he has no male figures in life. As a few years pass, Linda does notice that something is “off” about Boyd. He’s isolated, has no friends, is obsessed with death, and has outbursts at home and at school and still wets the bed. Also, there have times when Boyd has asked to sleep in bed with Linda and she has awakened to find him staring over in her bed, and their cat mysteriously disappeared. However, Linda made excuses to herself and chalked it up to all the same single mom excuses.

However, Linda would come face to face with the harsh reality of the evil that lies within Boyd after a confrontation at the dinner table (Boyd would snap due to him uncovering the truth of his father who was a serial killer who has been executed). Linda would enter Boyd’s room only to walk into a room of horror. Boyd has a knife in hand with a dead cat cut in two in his lap. Blood was smeared and covering the walls, dead mice and birds were also on the floor, and as Linda looks up, she sees a picture of her and Boyd on the dresser with her eyes scratched out.

Terrified, Linda runs down the hallway into her room locking the door behind her. Boyd knocks on the door with the knife asking his mommy to play a game with him. He tells her he’s never experimented on a human before and he would like his mother to be his first. In shock, she scrambles to the bathroom looking through drawers until she finds a pair of scissors. She tip toes to her bed as she doesn’t want to make a sound, and lies awake all night with the scissors in hand.

In the morning, Linda steps out of bed and puts her ear to the door and listens as the front door opens and closes as Boyd leaves for school. Relieved, Linda exits her room and heads downstairs. She grabs her cell phone and calls the local police. The police dispatch informs her there is nothing they can do, for Boyd is too young, and she should take him to a therapist. In anger, she hangs up and slams her phone down. She then calls social services who tell her the same thing. A now frustrated and fearful Linda knows that she’s in a fight for survival against her own son by herself.

As Boyd comes home from school that evening, it’s not long before his taunting begins. Boyd gets joy from taunting his mother emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. He threatens her physically, but after the mental torture.

One night Boyd is able to sneak into Linda’s bedroom, while she has unintentionally fallen asleep. It is here that Boyd accomplishes his goal of killing his mother by brutally stabbing her across her body over 100 times, and Boyd then looks up from his mother’s bloody body and flashes a sinister smile.

Script 15 pages following a three-act structure.  First act, Linda having Boyd and their enjoyment together for the first few years, and the second act, Boyd will be about 8 years old, and this will be the buildup and his change of character. This is when he sleeps in her bed and she awakens to find him over her, and so forth. The third act is when he finally snaps due to his discovery about his father, and Linda ultimately loses the fight to Boyd.

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