Sharing Economy

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The task is to produce a concise yet critical report, provide recommendations and recognise limitations of what you are recommending. This is the question to address:

– Analyse and evaluate the extent to which the �sharing economy� is impacting the traditional hotel industry. Debate the pros and cons of government intervention.

You are free to select a specific hospitality enterprise, or geographic area so to contextualise the discussion, or focus on the industry in general in order to support your arguments and recommendations.

The relevant concepts introduced in class, such as opportunity cost, private, social and other types of costs and benefits, supply and demand, elasticity, substitute and complement, inferior, normal and luxury goods, taxation, PPF, market / government failures and the degree of government intervention, economies of scale, pricing strategy, forms of competition, economic cycles, should be integrated into your report to the best of your abilities and knowledge. It is strongly advised to draw your conclusions and provide recommendations based on well-balanced, referenced information.

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