Qualitative study

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Subject: Business

Style: APA


1 ref and short and precise and objective of qualitative study.

Literature Review

Research Questions

  • What are the reasons that married men’s do not participate in tourism activities.
  • What are the reasons that married women do not participate in tourism activities.
  • What are the similarity and differences between the reasons why married men and women do not participate in tourism experiences?

Research Methods

Description of data analysis process, what method was used, provide definitions and examples.

1 ref required

Explain and describe Qualitative Research, why using it?

Outline the coding process, must include definition and explanation of each stage. EXAMPLE – Once the responses were collected and arranged using Excel, the process of coding could begin. First open coding was used. Open Coding is ……… (Bryman & Bell, 2015).

Define/explain open coding, axial coding and selective coding.

Define the constant comparison process.

Description of types of Reasons

Rich description of reasons (e.g. How did you construct the themes, how did they emerge from the codes?)

Clearly indicate the main reasons for non-participation (for both genders), based on the analysis of your codes.

EXAMPLE: From the responses of the participants it is apparent that married women do not participate in regular tourism activities because……

Time was a major constraint for married women. Jessica (F. age 32) stated that time was an issue because “From the excel sheet provided”


One or two paragraphs providing general conclusion of your analysis. Make sure to have a logical flow guided by your analysis. Don’t just repeat your analysis.

Restate the problem, apply your research findings.

Reference List

Min of 5 References required

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