M5 Curriculum Map Part 1 and Paper

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M5 Curriculum Map Part 1 and Paper

(75 points)

Using Bloom’s taxonomy, draft 6 overarching student course competencies for a HEALTH COURSE (Undergraduate Level) that would be part of a program of study.


Also, ensure 4 learning objectives are measurable and include both the condition and criteria as well as the taxonomic verbs. (One key component to remember; taxonomy level somewhat corresponds to level of education. Courses at the undergraduate junior and senior levels, as well as graduate education, should have more course competencies than at the mid-higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.)


·         After selecting these course competencies, write a 2 page paper that provides more information about the course itself.

–          Identify the name of the course

–          Include a course description

–          Discuss why you selected these particular competencies.

–          Justify why the assessments picked are appropriate for the course level (undergraduate, freshman, sophomore, junior or senior levels, or graduate education).


RESOURCE MATERIAL and Specifications


·         Waller, K. (n.d.). Writing instructional objectives. National Association of Colleges and Employers. Retrieved fromwww.naceweb.org/events/writing-learning- objectives.pdf


Write paper in complete APA Style


– 6 Competencies

– 4 Learning Objectives


– 2 pages

– 3 References


These are from my Instructional Design and Curricula Course from university (Paper must apply to these)
1. Apply educational taxonomies to create measurable learning objectives and competencies.
3. Evaluate the required alignment between course assessments, course competencies, and program outcomes.
4. Create student-centered curriculum maps for an educational program.

Learning Objectives:
1. Draft a taxonomically correct student learning competencies for a course.
2. Utilize linkage between assessments and student learning competencies in a course of study.
3. Create student learning competencies and assessments for a curriculum map.

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