legal environment of business with a focus on “Contracts and Employment Agreements.

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This week we will continue our study of the legal environment of business with a focus on “Contracts and Employment Agreements.”
Topic 1: Queens College – Contract?

Sean Brosnan was a high school senior. He filled out his applications for college in September of 2015, including an application for early decision to Queens University. In December Brosnan received a thick packet from Queens, which included a glossy brochure entitled, Welcome to Queens. The first page of the brochure said, Welcome to Queens!! We are delighted to have you as a member of the university community! We will be holding a place for you in the class of 2020 if you submit a $200 deposit by January 20. We would remind you that by your application for early decision, you indicated your commitment that if you were accepted to Queens, you would withdraw any applications that you have filed to other colleges and universities. The brochure included an Acceptance Coupon providing that the signer was making a definite commitment to attend Queens University during the coming academic year, to withdraw applications from any other colleges and universities, and to enclose a check for $200. Brosnan signed the form and sent it with a $200 check to the Queens Admission Office. He then withdrew his applications from the six other universities to which he had applied.

A few days later he got a phone call from the Director of Admissions at Queens saying, Im sorry, we did not intend to give you the impression that you had been accepted. Your mailing should have been a deferral letter and should not have included the acceptance brochure. In any case, you had no business sending in a check we didnt even send you a letter of acceptance. We are returning your check.
Please discuss the questions below using common law contract principles.

Topic 1 a. Has Queens University entered into a contract with Sean Brosnan? Give the legal arguments that can be made on each side of the issue.
Topic 1 b. Suppose that Queens discovered its error and contacted Brosnan prior to receiving Brosnans acceptance coupon. Would this change your analysis? If so, how and why?

Topic 2: Woolley v. Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc.?

Read the case of Woolley v. Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc. starting on page 340 of the Law, Sales and Marketing text and discuss the following: If the employer had required employees to sign a document indicating that they had read and understood the requirements of the employment manual would that change the analysis in the case? Explain your reasoning.

Topic 3: Exercise 1A & 1B
On page 345 of the Law, Sales and Marketing text review exercise 1 a and 1b, discuss and address the questions raised and explain your conclusions.

1a. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, an elderly couple, had no relatives. When Mrs. Smith became ill, the Smiths asked a friend,
Henrietta, to help with various housekeeping chores, including cleaning and cooking. Although the Smiths never
promised to pay her, Henrietta performed the chores for eighteen months. Henrietta now claims that she is entitled to the reasonable value of the services performed. Is she correct? Explain.
b. Assume instead that the Smiths asked Mrs. Smiths sister, Caroline, who lived nearby, to help with the housekeeping. After eighteen months, Caroline claims she is entitled to the reasonable value of the services performed. Is she correct? Explain.

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