Asian AMerican, Asian, & Pacific Islander (Filipino Heritage)

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Population Presentation:
APA Style Assignment (Rubric Guidelines)

Each student will choose one cultural group and one socio-cultural group from the list provided below and set up a PowerPoint presentation (APA style).
Preparation for the presentation will include synthesizing the information from assigned readings, the scientific literature, Internet resources, and other sources. Students will provide a minimum of 5 references.
The presentation will address the following:
? A brief history of the cultural/socio-cultural group
? Values
? Worldview
? Language and communication patterns
? Art and other expressive forms
? Norms and rules
? Lifestyle characteristics
? Relationship patterns
? Common rituals
? Degree of assimilation or marginalization from mainstream society
? Health behaviors and practices.

The presentation must include a comparative and contrast analysis of common characteristics and distinguishing traits between the cultural group and the socio-cultural group. As well as a brief explanation of differential approaches needed by health care professionals.

Cultural Groups: Socio-cultural group
African American & African African American Heritage, Haitian Heritage
Asian American, Asian, & Pacific Islander Chinese Heritage, Japanese Heritage, Korean Heritage, Filipino Heritage, Russian Heritage, Thai Heritage, Indian Heritage, Vietnamese Heritage
Native American Apache Heritage, Navajo Heritage, Yakama Heritage, Cherokee Heritage
Hispanic & Latino Americans Mexican Heritage, Brazilian Heritage, Cuban Heritage, Puerto Rico Heritage, Guatemala Heritage
European American Jewish Heritage, Polish Heritage, Baltic Heritage, Greek Heritage, Turkish Heritage, Irish Heritage, Italian Heritage

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