Sociology Paper

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Choose a recent discussion about sex and/or gender fluidity in the mainstream media. Outline what ideas or assumptions about gender are being mobilized or challenged, using the feminist critiques of sex and gender knowledge you have explored this semester.

Word limit: 2700 words

Weighting/Value 60%

Presentation requirements: Harvard citation style

Critieria for Marking: In this essay you are required to:

! Demonstrate developing knowledge of a range of contemporary feminist theories of sex/gender, bodies and sexualities;
! developed skills in reading and analysing theoretical texts;
! effective and targeted research skills;
! enhanced ability to develop and sustain theoretical arguments;
! strong skills in verbal and written communication.

� Your ability to develop a coherent and targeted response to a specific question is being assessed here;
� Your ability to effectively research your chosen topic is also being evaluated;
� In addition this task assesses your ability to effectively and persuasively apply theoretical concepts in the formation of argument;
� High standards of written expression and content organization are expected for this task.

-Please use simple english

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